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#TractSwarm Seven: Priestly Formation – Insights from the Trenches

At the recent SCP Annual Conference in Atlanta, we engaged in deep theological reflection on various facets of priestly formation. This discussion included the content and structure of seminary education, new models for academic preparation, and the spiritual formation of priests in habits of holiness.

To continue the momentum of the conference, we are inviting current seminarians and recent graduates to offer their personal insights on the needs, challenges, and opportunities on any aspect of priestly formation. For those who attended the Atlanta conference, we would also greatly value your feedback on your experience of the conference as a seminarian or newly ordained clergy.  More seasoned clergy are also welcome to submit their blog postings reflecting on our conference theme too,

  1. Post the submission you wish to share on your own blog with the hashtag #TractSwarm
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After you are done posting your essay, then e-mail a link to our Communications Director, Mtr. Anjel Scarborough. As people write posts, she will list them below…

Swarm on!

Mtr. Anjel Scarborough