Rule of Life

If we want to be better priests, deacons, and bishops, we benefit from lives oriented around the same spiritual disciplines that have sustained clergy and laity alike for generations: the sacraments, the office, spiritual direction, and commitment to the wellbeing of sisters and brothers. Members of the Society are expected to live by the Rule:

Members of the Society must

  • affirm their fidelity to the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Church of Canada, depending upon their canonical residency, and the canonical leadership of the same;
  • affirm their conformity to the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the same said province of the Anglican Communion; and
  • pledge to provide mutual support and encouragement among the Church’s clergy.

1456620_10151785287350920_2045774469_nMembers of the Society will commit themselves to living the Society’s Rule of Life, namely to

  • center their spiritual life on the Eucharist;
  • say the daily office;
  • consult regularly a spiritual director;
  • make use of the sacrament of reconciliation;
  • pray for their sisters and brothers in the Society (particularly through our Cycle of Prayer—if you notice anything that needs correction in the Cycle, please contact the Secretary at;
  • offer confidential pastoral care to fellow members of the Society; and
  • attend all meetings of their local Chapter unless prevented by good reason.