The SCP Manual

Our common life is governed by the Society Manual, available online here.

Our Way of Life

The Church exists to witness to the universal love of God for all people, revealed in Jesus Christ. Therefore it is called to be united, holy, apostolic and catholic and to express the creative love of the Trinity. This love is made real in the sacraments, which embrace all members of the church.

As priests, we are called to search out the gifts of all God’s people that the whole church may be built up in unity and faith, to witness to God’s love and to work for the coming of his kingdom.

We are also called to search for God’s children in the wilderness of this world’s temptations, and with all God’s people to tell the story of God’s love, baptizing new disciples and nurturing them in the faith. We are committed to a ministry of evangelism shaped by the story of Christian faith as expressed within the catholic traditions of the church.

Our society was founded in England in 1994 to give collegiate expression to our vocation. The twin objects of our Society are to promote

(i) the formation and support of priestly spirituality, and
(ii) catholic evangelism.

Our life is expressed in the charism of our society:

All members of our Society commit themselves to a common life. This is expressed in the hospitality of our meetings, mutual pastoral care for each other, and regular prayer for the priestly work of all the brothers and sisters.

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