mother_laurie_brockThe work of the Society is to knit together its members in fellowship and support, to share the resources that strengthen our vocations and our spiritual progress in Christ, and to encourage the continuation and growth of the Anglo-catholic expression of our faith in the Anglican Communion.

We carry out this work through our local chapters, where they exist, and through the tools of electronic communications. The Council is the elected leadership of the Society that serves to grow, strengthen, and support the Society.

The biggest challenge that faces our Province is the size of the continent. Our members are widely distributed from Newfoundland to Hawaii. As the Society grows, more Chapters will be able to form, and more Episcopalian & Anglican clergy who are devoted to the Anglo-Catholic expression of the Christian faith will be able to meet regularly face to face.

Our prayer is that catholic anglican Christianity is yet to see its strongest days, and that our Society will play a part in the church of the future.