Local Chapters exist in the following regions. In parenthesis, you will find the dioceses that are incorporated into the chapter, if it isn’t apparent. After that you will find a link to e-mail the Chapter Convener.

Blessed Sacrament (Oklahoma) ~ Convener, The Rev. David Stock

Chicago – Convener, The Rev. Ethan Jewett

Corpus Christi (Vancouver, BC) – Convener, The Rev. Alex Wilson

Great Lakes (Northern Indiana, Eastern Michigan, Michigan, Western Michigan) ~ Convener, The Very Rev. Jared Cramer

Holy Cross (Pennsylvania, Northwestern Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh) ~ Convener, The Rev. Ryan Whitley

Middle Atlantic (Maryland, Washington, Easton, Virginia) ~ Convener, The Rev. Annette Chappell

Newark (Newark, New Jersey) ~ Convener, The Rev. Dr. J. Brent Bates

New England (Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont) ~ Convener, The Rev. Jason Wells

New York (NYC Metro) ~ Convener, The Rev. Keith Voets

Ontario (Niagara, Toronto) ~ The Rev. Aaron O’Rear

Our Lady of Ohio (Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Indiana) ~ Convener, The Rev. Jason Prati

Our Lady of the Cascades (Oregon) ~ Convener, The Reverend Dr. Brent Was

Our Lady, Queen of Angels (Los Angeles, San Diego) ~ Convener, The Very Rev. Canon James Newman

Saints Francis & Clare (California) ~ Convener, The Rev. Thomas C. Jackson

Saint Damien (Hawaii) ~ Convener, The Rev. Christopher Golding

If you live near a chapter, you’ll be a member of that chapter, and you’ll attend meetings and events called by that chapter. If you don’t live near a chapter, that’s ok. That means you should begin trying gather likeminded clergy around you to form a chapter. The guidelines on chapter formation will help. Only six members are required to form a chapter. Once you have met at least once with six other clergy, discussed the manual, and decided you would like to form a chapter, then contact the Secretary and the Communications Director. If you have questions, please contact the Council. Anyone can help to steer you in the right direction.