How it all works

First, you might explore the rest of this site, especially the Membership Requirements (below) and our Rule of Life. The SCP isn’t merely an association of people with similar interests, but is, at its best, a society which helps and encourages its members to grow as ordained or vowed leaders, as catholic Episcopalians or Anglicans, and as Christians. Try the Rule out for a little while and see what impact this discipline has on your life.

Second, you should see if there’s a chapter nearby. If you live near a chapter, you’ll be a member of that chapter, and you’ll attend meetings and events called by that chapter. If you don’t live near a chapter, that’s ok. That means you should begin trying gather like-minded clergy around you to form a chapter. The guidelines on chapter formation will help. Only six members are required to form a chapter. Once you have met at least once with six other clergy, discussed the manual, and decided you would like to form a chapter, then contact the Secretary and the Communications Director.

Third, if you have questions, please contact the Council. Anyone can help to steer you in the right direction.

What Membership Means

What Membership Means

Membership in the Society of Catholic Priests is open to all bishops, priests, and deacons who:

  1. Believe that the churches of the Anglican Communion are part of the one holy and catholic and apostolic church;

  2. Are members of The Episcopal Church or the Anglican Church of Canada;

  3. Embrace as colleagues all those admitted to Holy Orders in the same;

  4. Believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist;

  5. Embrace the sacramental life of the Church as means of God’s grace;

  6. And keep the Rule of Life of the Society.

Professed, but unordained, members of vowed monastic or religious communities may also be admitted as full members with the same constitutional rights as ordained persons. Persons who have been granted postulancy for ordination by their diocese may be admitted as 'provisional members.' A provisional member pays half the dues of a full member, and is entitled to voice but not vote at both Chapter and Provincial levels.  A provisional member, upon their diaconal ordination, becomes eligible for full membership.  The provisional member desiring to become a full memberWhile their religious affiliation may make them ineligible for membership in the Society, members of our ecumenical partners are welcome to participate in local conversations and events at the discretion of the local Chapter.

  • The regular membership fee is $75 per year.

  • The membership fee for seminarians, professed religious, retired clergy, and non-stipendiary clergy is $35 per year.

Still have questions about membership? Please contact our Provincial Communications Officer, Fr. Charles Everson, for more information.  He may be reached at 

Are you ready to become a member? Visit our site on MemberPlanet to apply for membership.

Lapel Pins

Already a member? You can get your pin either by contacting your Chapter Convener, who may have some on hand for distribution, or by logging in to our MemberPlanet site and ordering online.